Tongelaar-M 2013

Ch MARTINO del Fico d’India
Ch ISABELLE van de Tongelaar

23.8.2013 – 3/5 males/females

Kennel  van  de  TONGELAAR

  VATER:  MARTINO del Fico d’India
  MUTTER:  ISABELLE van de Tongelaar


Klaas Aghina

B – 3791 Voeren
Telefon: (0032) 438 10 741

„Spent 3 days in Switzerland last week to breed Multi Ch. Isabelle van de Tongelaar to Multi Ch. Martino del Fico d’India was exciting, because I only knew him from pictures – but he was what I expected: a very showy, very elegant, well built little doggy, a real Ambassador for del Fico d’India and his breeder Dr. Giuseppa Piazza. Many thanks to Denise Guignard and Katharina Stäheli. Breeding went perfect, so now we are waiting in excitement !!!“

Klaas Aghina – 22nd June 2013


Ch MERRY go ROUND van de Tongelaar:
NL-JCh, L-JCh, B-JCh, WUT-JCh’14, Benelux J-Winner’16, Benelux-Winner’16, L-Ch, NL-Ch, Belgian Winner
(Breeder/owner: Klaas Aghina, Belgium)